Arnoud Holleman

Amsterdam — Tuesday 23 July, 2024
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The murmuring multitude of fellow artists that I know, admire, loathe, slept with, read about, write about, follow on Instagram, underestimate, overestimate, avoid, talk to, stalk, ignore, study, am inspired by, steal from, ought to know more about, compare, compete, collaborate and blend in with.

Time Warp

collaboration with Driessens/Verstappen, Rotterdam

A cinematic report on the processes of growth and change taking place on W.G. Witteveenplein in Rotterdam. Each film begins with the construction of the park in early 2003 and shows the various changes that have taken place so far. The films are supplemented four times a year with new material. This will result in five twelve-minute films in 2023.


online photo documentary

For months after I first stood on that little bridge, I continued to circle around the windmills. Not only with my camera, but also with a microphone. When you look closer, the polder turns out to be an arena of conflicting interests. The cluttering of the landscape stands in opposition to climatological necessity; economic and ecological interests are locking horns for dominance; innovation oriented towards the future has to compete with the appreciation for history. The counter argument is always around the corner.

Aaltje Kraak

re-staging of city fire, Hardenberg

In Marslaan, a row of five 1960s houses was waiting to be demolished. The new building standard in the city had been raised to four stories, so these houses no longer sufficed in that spot. The large windows that had once made the houses so modern were now boarded up. On the blank wood of the underlayment along the full length of the block was written in spray paint: Get rid of that crap!

Radio Balzac

Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven

De Balzac van Auguste Rodin staat vanaf 1 februari in Het Oog in het van Abbemuseum, als special guest in een installatie van Arnoud Holleman. In deze tijdelijke opstelling draait het beeld langzaam rond. Bezoekers kunnen het beeld van alle kanten bekijken en de 19e eeuwse schrijver kijkt ondertussen rond, naar onze tijd. Via een online radiozender ? Radio Balzac ? worden meningen, discussies en andere inzichten over het beeld verzameld en uitgezonden.


Wat weten we nu waar we in 2013 nog geen weet van hadden? In 2014 werd de MH17 uit de lucht geschoten ... werd Rotterdam Centraal Station heropend. In 2015 werd het klimaatakkoord in Parijs ondertekend ... kwam de grote vluchtelingenstroom op gang ... dachten we dat Hillary de eerste vrouwelijke president zou worden. In 2016 stierf David Bowie ... kwam Trump aan de macht. In 2017 werd Feyenoord kampioen! ... ging #MeToo viral.