Arnoud Holleman

Amsterdam — Tuesday 23 July, 2024
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Family and Friends

seven drawings

Recent Me Too scandals have led to two powerful affects in people: anger and shame. Those two affects are intimately related, because anger is often expressed by inflicting shame on the person at whom the anger is directed, as in ‘shame on you!’ We punish people by making them shameful. (Ernst van Alphen in SHAME! and Masculinity)

Another Erased Drawing


Much of what I do is hybrid and/or has little focus on the maker(s), but what happens on paper is good old self-expression. Therefore, for years, drawing and making collages did not mix with the rest of my work, until I discovered that you can decide to neglect this separation.



To anyone with a burnout I say: start drawing. Not with a plan, or an idea, or an expectation, or an ambition, but simply drawing. Go back and forth over the paper, with pencil or chalk, like a stroll in the neighborhood. This is how hand, head and heart will reconnect.

Bert Luttjeboer

drawing, photo, text

I was intrigued by the fact that I had to work for hours or days or weeks on end and would still fail to come anywhere close to what the camera had seen in a split second. One night, after a long day of working with minute precision and concentration, I went out to a bar and ran into Bert.

Unframed Drawing

In later years, after being trained as a visual artist, I got interested in the differences and parallels between drawing and photography. When I redrew a photograph of a young boy looking at a horizontal piece of paper, I re-experienced something of that primitive power of the image: the boy and I coincided and somewhere inbetween, reality as such was redefined as an object for exhibition.

Herman Heijermans

drawings, photo

At the time my boyfriend was writing a biography of the Dutch playwright Herman Heijermans, who lived from 1864 to 1924. Heijermans was all over the house, in books and in pictures. I choose this one, because of how he stares into the camera. I drew two 'prints' next to the original one and framed them individually.

Susan Sontag

drawing, photo, text

I've always thought of photography as something very magical and it is my belief that this is based on a genuine experience: in my early childhood there must have been no sharp distinction between a real thing and its image - in the same way that kids see themselves as inseparable from their mother until the age of three, I thought that object and image were simply two different manifestations of the same energy.

Tekeningen 1995 - 1997


Met een zweepje onder z'n oksels geklemd 'berijdt' een naakte man een op z'n kop staand paard. Terwijl hij met z'n anus over de paardenlul glijdt, perst een eveneens naakte vrouw zich met moeite in het poepgat van het rijdier. Om haar daad kracht bij te zetten, duwt ze met haar hand tegen een denkbeeldige muur - een muur die tevens de kadrering vormt van het op papier getekende seksspelletje. (Nathalie Faber - Het Parool 3-2-1998)