Arnoud Holleman

Amsterdam — Wednesday 17 April, 2024
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Unframed Drawing

Unframed drawing, size 13 x 18cm and facsimile printed giveaway, 1993.
Collection Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.

I�ve always thought of photography as something very magical and it is my belief that this is based on a genuine experience. In my early childhood there must have been no sharp distinction between a real thing and its image. In the same way that kids see themselves as inseparable from their mother until the age of three, object and image must have been simply two different manifestations of the same energy.
In later years, after being trained as a visual artist, I got interested in the differences and parallels between drawing and photography. When I redrew a photograph of a young boy looking at a horizontal piece of paper, I re-experienced something of that primitive power of the image: the boy and I coincided and somewhere inbetween, reality as such was redefined as an object for exhibition.