Arnoud Holleman

Amsterdam — Tuesday 23 July, 2024
nl / en


Installation. Color video projection on black and white photograph, audio.

Dating from 2005, re-worked in 2007 to its present form. In collaboration with Marcel Musters, Inez van Lamsweerde/Vinoodh Matadin and Jeroen Willems.

Performed live on novem

Audio text:

Well it?s a nice view.
Lonely buggers. Reality sucks.
Well why dont you just let it happen?
They?ll shoot up just the same without anybody watching. Fucking prostitutes.
You see he was right.
Stay calm. 1659, 1759, 1859, 1959. Bang. Right guys I?m here. Working, working. Meanwhile it?s others who die. My father, Mariel, Gerald, Anthony, Suk.
I know. How powerless can you get? I know I dont drink because..
The only difference between me and them is that they?re..
Not that it gets me anywhere, but still.
Just a byproduct of advertising. Sick.
Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking, earth has disappeared. As we will not be able to crash, we will continue flying until we run out of fuel.
Well so do something about it you?ve been wining about it for years.
Well... Halfway,
Everything?s fine. Stay calm.
Come on guys what?s the big idea?
You know, these days when somebody on the street says ?sorry? it?s a junky.
You see you don?t get it. You?re just a character in someone else's plot. But I can not be held responsible. Well it?s fucking noisy.
Dead people walking uo and down. Stay Calm. Relax. Respect. You see.
Shutting the windows doesn?t help
I am the only one who really sees what?s going on. See, lost it now, never mind.

What was the question again?