Arnoud Holleman
Amsterdam, Saturday February 16, 2019
Discharged From State Collection
Drawing + polaroid / Tekening + polaroid. April / April 2018. Potlood, pastelkrijt en gum / Pencil, soft pastel and eraser. Maat / Size 83 x 57 cm. Referentie: / reference: opheffing / abolition of BKR. Gesigneerd / Signed op de achterkant / on the back.Te koop / For Sale. Prijs op aanvraag / Price on request.
Re-Magazine\'s great virtue is its willingness to expose sentiments that seldom find public expression, most often relating to the apparently trivial experiences and memories that make up the larger part of existence. Alongside this editorial idiosyncrasy, it is beautifully designed and photographed, each issue adopting a form to suit its subject - Emily King, Frieze, October 2003.
Frenhofer is the protagonist in Balzac's The Unknown Masterpiece, a painter whose life is destroyed by his ambition. My website is the opposite: an online playground for (mostly) drawings. Drawing has been my escape from a heavy burn out and I experienced that the healing power of a hand-head-heart connection has little to do with all the don'ts of the art world. Its a good moment to start from scratch. Prices from 30 to 300 euro.